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The 24th Annual Asbury Music Awards will be held on Thursday, December 8, 2016 at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, featuring Host, Comedian Taylor Allen, Creator & Host of the Spelling Bee Comedy Show, Feat. More than 40 Award Presentations, Musical Performances and Special Guest Presenters TBA! Tickets On Sale Now! Nominees Admitted Free.

Asbury Park's most rock 'n roll night out, a regular haunt of well known faces and where to see the future next big things in advance. Where glitz and rock 'n roll and behind the scenes heroes of today and yesterday meet, an awards ceremony, a pageant, a mad carnival starring who's who and on the rise in rock 'n roll in Asbury Park and at the Jersey Shore..


ASBURY PARK, NJ - The 24th Annual Asbury Music Awards return to the legendary Stone Pony on Thursday, December 8, 2016. Presented by The Saint and Asbury Music Co., the Asbury Music Awards will this year be Hosted by Comedian Taylor Allen, featuring over 40 award presentations including new categories AND special guest presenters.

The AMA's is an All Ages 21 to Drink event. Tickets are on sale now at The Saint and The Stone Pony Box offices and on Ticketweb and Ticketmaster. All nominees will be admitted free. This year's AMA nominees have been be released via social and print media.

The Asbury Music Awards have featured many amazing moments over the years and dozens of today's top local artists received their first burst of recognition with either an outstanding performance, a nomination, or by receiving an award at the AMA's. Each year, the Awards honor distinguished members of the local music community and beyond, but we make it a point to celebrate up and coming artists. Over 40 awards are handed out, while musicians, fans and industry insiders take note.

The AMA's work closely with a wide variety of music industry insiders - artists, labels, writers, radio stations, print media, festivals, agents, promoters, publishers, and so many more ->> to help organize and build the infrastructure necessary for all genres to be celebrated and to achieve well-earned recognition.

A whole lot goes on behind the scenes on a year-round basis in planning and preparation for the Asbury Music Awards. Working smarter, not just harder, means achievement of greater success for the greatest number of artists. The nominees and performers are selected by a panel of industry veterans which includes musicians, artists, promoters, sound technicians, radio personalities, club owners, industry insiders, labels, and music writers.

Artists that have progressed to a major label or those who have won or been nominated for a particular category for five consecutive years at the AMA's remain eligible for “Record of The Year” and “Best Thing To Happen in Asbury Park," and may appear onstage presenting or performing during the ceremonies. However, they graduate from being nominated from most categories, making room for new and emerging artists, musicians, and singer/songwriters.

After the carefully chosen Asbury Music Awards panel convenes and chooses the performers and nominees, the names of the nominees for each category are compiled in ballot format and distributed to a select group of music industry insiders, devoted music fans and the local music scene. The voting process is not open to the general public, but much effort is put into selecting voters. This method has proven most equitable, as it precludes "ballot stuffing" than can skew results.

Area clubs, musicians, music-related businesses, record stores, radio stations, newspapers and time tested music enthusiasts are all represented in the final voting process. Ballots are painstakingly counted, votes are tallied, and the winners are revealed for the first time at the Asbury Music Awards ceremony.

A variety of local music alumni, past award recipients, sponsors, and industry professionals are invited by the panel to present awards each year. The Asbury Music Awards have been going strong and growing rapidly for more than 20 years, celebrating local musicians, artists, singers/songwriters and the music community in support of live original music.

Over the years, the Asbury Music Awards stage has been graced by New Jersey luminaries Nicole Atkins, Rick Barry, Scarlet Carson, Accidental Seabirds, Thomas Wesley Stern, Emily Grove, Status Green, Kid With Man Head, Outcry, Samhill, Evelyn Forever, Barry and The Penetrators, What About Frank, April Smith, Woodfish, Stringbean & The Stalkers, The Amboys, Brown, Last Days of Empire, Green Tag Sale, Last Perfect Thing, Outside The Box, Low Flying Jets, Lance Larson, Twine, Keith Kenny, Matt O'Ree Band, Parlor Mob, Eryn Shewell, Allie Moss, Ready Make Breakup, Maybe Pete, Christine Martucci, Tony Tedesco, Days Awake, Sekond Skyn, Chemtrail, River City Extension, Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why, The Black Clouds and Laura Warshauer, to name just a few.

For more information please visit Asbury Music Awards online at, or SEND EMAIL to: ASBURYAWARDS@GMAIL.COM.

Sponsorships and Advertisements for the 2016 program guide and advertising campaign (press, radio, print) are currently being accepted. If you are interested in supporting the AMAs through Sponsorship and/or Advertising, or would like more information, please send all inquiries via EMAIL to ASBURYAWARDS@GMAIL.COM.